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"SANDWICHES!" has been the refrain around my house for the past week. It turns out that this is very fun to interject whenever you see someone eating lunch.

Anyway, showed Kid Sister Advent Children Complete. Some comments:
"Geostigma? Is that sort of supposed to be like radiation poisoning in Hiroshima?" (I, of course, was dumbfounded that I never noticed this before, hurrr.)

"Why is Cloud so moody? He was like... 'Hey guys, let's go!' What happened?"

"Does the water taste like Aeris?"

"Aeris is always watching! Like ceiling cat."

"Sephiroth sounds wrong. His voice should be higher. And crazier."

"This movie is better when you don't think about it."
Meanwhile, my other sister, the normal one - she's been privvy to me and kid sister playing FFVII and other games for a long time, usually with running commentary about block people. "I used to think this game was so cool when you played it, it looks terrible!"

The other day she told me about a girl who sits in front of her in her class. My sister interjected at an opportune time with a DN joke, one thing led to another, and the girl went into a sprawling fangirl rant about Cloud/Sephiroth and how they are her bishies (and, apparently, her vampire boyfriend, but that's for another story). While relating this to me, my sister the non-gamer makes a face and goes "She didn't even play that game, she just watched the damn movie! I mean, come on."

I was so proud.

Also, unrelatedly: Read a new study that said kids on the internet are more likely to be depressed/depressed kids are more likely to flock to the internet (and this was a study done in 2002, when the internet was still nerdy.) My response was "Ha, I told you so!"

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