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Painting stuff

So, I did this speedpaint video for one of my classes. I linked it over at belisdraw but some people here might be interested? It's an hour drawing of Florence Welch sped up to 3.5 mins.

In other news, I should track down every single person who ever encouraged me to write fanfic and slap them. What were you thinking? And now a few of them have enough favourites/watchers/etc that I'd feel guilty about pulling it from the web despite my deep-rooted urge to distance myself from it!

Fact: I once penned a fic with an ominous latin title that referred to Sephiroth's hair as a "magnificent silver mane." Note that I was 14 at the time. And I've since found a sparklevid with almost the same gloriously terrible premise.

I should probably just not make things that aren't AMVs because I will regret them. I am poking at this fanmix thing right now and I know it's in a dubious state because I keep looking over what I have and saying "MAYBE I SHOULD ADD MORE SMASHING PUMPKINS? IS 40% SMASHING PUMPKINS TOO MUCH?" It doesn't bode well, though it's totally not my fault that Smashing Pumpkins reminds me of Sephiroth (speaking of things that don't bode well, loooool).

SPEAKING OF MY PATHETIC AND OVERLONG OBSESSIONS, I got in a fandomsecrets debate about Sephiroth and this hater anon told me I'm "one of the smarter fans who isn't trying to excuse or glorify his behaviour but simply like it for what it is."

I am still so incredibly flattered about it.

This is sad. I am sad. Let's just pretend I stopped writing this entry after the speedpaint link.
Tags: art, ffvii

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