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Unpopular women, PS:T and Morrigan

Ladies and stuff

Shoutout for The Unpopular Woman Love Post.

I know some people in fandom would ask "why is this here, why do we need to love every single woman character?" To which I would answer, "We don't, but I think the point is less liking everyone on this list and more responding to backlash and trying collectively to counteract the fact that ladies that fans don't like get called sluts way too often." Well, that's what I'm going with, anyway - I certainly don't like everybody on the list and I think some of them are pretty badly written (looking at you, Ariadne, though I blame no one but the Nolan for this).

Anyway! It makes me want to make a respectful disagreement thread, because I need practice and I think everyone else does too. It would be like:
"I have seen opinion X circulating in fandom. I sympathize with this perspective but respectfully disagree for reasons Y and Z and wish to affirm that my disagreement does not diminish my opinion of holders of opinion X as people!"
I think it would help ansemaru be less uptight anyway (I MEAN THIS IN A KIND WAY RAMEN).

WRPGs and whatnot

Also, this is belated but I got further in PS:T! I am in the Lower Wards now. I felt this rush of accomplishment, going back, finishing all my sidequests, finally, FINALLY getting through to the next thing... and then I just had to stop because everything is so big and open and it intimidates me and I'm worried I'm going to miss things and mess everything up. I still loathe the fighting in that game but a healer should make things better.

Also started up some new DA saves. I'm romancing Morrigan and I'm bloody terrible at making cruel decisions. She keeps making fun of me. Also, playing as a male warden is hella boring for me for some reason. Morrigan's romance reveals a lot about her (contradictions always add complexity!) but I think I'd rather just be her friend, tbh.
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