July 2nd, 2010


Warcraft Ladystats

So it's really no secret that Warcraft is a giant bucket or race/genderfail, but I did little stat-analyses and character breakdowns for a couple of other games and series, so I decided I'd do one for the Warcraft universe as well.

So I hit up WoWWiki and dug out all of the women listed on the noteworthy pages, omitted anyone who was only there because they were like Thrall's mom or something, and threw a little sample list together of women lore characters to pull some percentages/ratios/etc from. For those with no familiarity with Warcraft I'll try to explain the dismal results as I go.

Collapse )

I am sure there are other things that I could count and I will probably come back to this later, but for right now I think this kind of paints a picture of what I'm looking at. I'd like to cherrypick some of the more important ladies here (i.e. those with actual dialogue) and pick it apart later. Suffice to say: I hate you, Blizzard.